Detects novel and new

As ferramentas antigas são cegas às novas ameaças

You can’t predict the next attack by looking at yesterday’s threats. Prevent, detect and respond to threats across the network based on what’s “normal” to your organization - and what’s not.

Knows what's normal

By learning every nuance of your bespoke organization with Self-Learning AI, Darktrace/Network takes action within seconds to neutralize threats, regardless of whether you’ve seen them before.
Your data. Our ai.

Elevate your cyber defenses with Darktrace AI

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Stop attacks in seconds

Toma a ação certa na hora certa

Darktrace minimizes business disruption by responding autonomously to attacks against networks. Proportionate actions protect the organization, but avoid disrupting day-to-day business.
Mantém o humano no circuito

A IA explicável aumenta sua equipe de segurança

Darktrace Explainable AI, built with natural language processing, delivers clear reports and frames information for decisions by humans across the Cyber AI Loop.

Customers’ Choice for Network Detection and Response

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Veja as ameaças instantaneamente.


Desarmar em segundos.

Escalas para organizações grandes e pequenas, em qualquer indústria

Darktrace/Network está implantada em alguns dos maiores e mais complexos ambientes digitais do mundo, contendo centenas de milhares de dispositivos.
Buildings above the clouds

When it comes to deployments,
the devil’s in the details

Protects without added operational risk, no MX record changes required
Leverages proven-reliable journaling and/or APIs to integrate quickly
Provides native install with Google, Microsoft 365, and Exchange
Suporta ambientes multitenant e híbridos

Darktrace ActiveAI Security Platform

The Active AI Security Platform correlates threats across your entire organization, delivering proactive cyber resilience with real-time detection and autonomous response to known and novel threats.

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A mock-up of Darktrace ActiveAI Security Platform user interface
Bringing our AI to your data

Protect your data wherever it lives

Our ai. Your data.

Elevate your cyber defenses with Darktrace AI

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Darktrace AI protecting a business from cyber threats.